Next-gen HTC One to be Available on March 25th Reveal Day


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Dec 30, 2010
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In another move suggesting that HTC has decided to use Apple's playbook, the "All New HTC One," which is scheduled to be officially unveiled on March 25th, will actually be available on that same day as well. If true, this newest rumor proves that HTC is the worst mobile company in the industry when it comes to keeping secrets. Regardless of their ability to stop leaks, and regardless of whom they are emulating, it seems like a smart move from the company.

HTC let Samsung have their fun with the Galaxy S5 reveal first, but instead of waiting to launch the device like Samsung is doing, they launch theirs on the reveal date, before Sammy's phones actually hits the streets. This has the dual effect of letting excitement die down for the Galaxy S5, and means that the new HTC One will be available for over two weeks before anyone can get the Galaxy S5. Nice moves HTC!

Who else is rooting for this underdog to get back in the game?

Source: TechCrunch
I've been rooting for the underdogs for some time now. The Apple/Samsung Duopoly needs to be my humble opinion
And Samsung is choking on that camera problem too. I'm rooting for HTC and I'll order one as soon as Verizon puts them up for sale.
My current contract is ready for an upgrade on the 23rd. This will be perfect timing if it is actually available on Verizon on the 25th.