Samsung Galaxy S5 Supposedly Confirmed Coming Mid-March (Two Weeks Post-Reveal)


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Dec 30, 2010
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The latest Galaxy S5 rumor to hit the interweb is simply a re-confirmation of the actual physical launch date of the device. This newer intel purports that the next Samsung flagship will hit retail store shelves three weeks from now (or about two weeks after its launch at Mobile World Congress on Monday the 24th). This would put the launch sometime between March 10th and March 16th.

If true (and it probably is) this would put the squeeze on HTC because it would mean the Galaxy S5 will be hitting store shelves just before HTC even unveils the "All New HTC One." This would give consumers time to gobble up Samsung's flagship and possibly lose their appetite for the next big thing from HTC.

This intel supposedly comes from two different sources, which suggests it is practically confirmed. This also would not surprise us, considering that Samsung has made moves like this before. Furthermore, it simply makes more sense for Sammy to hit the store shelves as soon as possible and avoid a long delay between announcement and launch.

Source: UnWiredView
Still on Android though right? Not yet Samsung's own OS?
A Fast release would help Samsung a bit. I do think the new HTC one will be a beast. But then again. How fast will HTC release the phone? IT took Forever for the One to get to all carries.