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Feb 16, 2012
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I just got a Droid 3 and all I have been hearing is about how awesome it is rooted (already love the phone) so I used the 1-Click-root and rooted it. it still works like normal. I know that its not some magical life changing program. but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to get the full customization and features of this phone to use it to its full potential.

Thank in advance to helping out a newb.
Download hashcodes safestrap (v1.08). Just google it, you should find it quick. Install it. Then go to the d3 roms section of the d3 forums, and start flashing roms. Be sure to read instructions carefully (dont worry, it's all very easy). Before you install a rom, be sure that it is safestrap compatible. Most rom threads have that in the op. I know steel droid and maverick rom are. There are aslo downloadable themes available for the phone. Once again, check rom compatibility. A great site to check out if you really wanna customize the look of your phone is uotkitchen. Just google it up. It should be the first link. Good luck and have fun!
Congrats on the root! ROMs will give you the best user experience.
Also, check my signature for links to help you with Safestrap.

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Thanks alot for the help guys! I don't have an SD card and just found out that I need one to start flashing. got it coming in the mail, so I will start the fun and games shortly