Help for a new user?


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Jan 30, 2011
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Georgetown, SC
Hey guys and gals. I am new to ther Forum and I was wondering if there were phone specific threads, and if so how do i find them. I have a Moto Cliq and I am having some problems rooting it. All the tutorials i have found are for other droid phones. I realize the process is very simular and I am no Nooby when it comes to flashing. I do have visionary so that the Apps i really need do have root acess but i would really like to be fully rooted. I tried an RSD method last night to o avail, i also found a one cliq windows rooted it didnt work and I tried this other way buy combining these to files with a dos prompt then putting in the root of my phone and attempting a update. None of these worked. It seems like the Cliq isnt a very popular phone, which i cant figure out why. I had the option of getting the other droid phones that were out on the market but they lacked a full keyboard. If anyone has any info for the Moto Cliq please direct me towards it. Thanks in advance people