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Nov 11, 2009
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15 year IT dork, Well versed in Console modding, Electronic Instrument modding (MPC,Drum Machines,Synths) phone modding, Video game fanatic, have my own joystick business on the side, have had tons of HTC devices, WinMo and moved onto Android and "Droid" I am big on tutorials and helping out with documenting my experimentation in order to have others benefit from my time spent tinkering.

Just jumped ship from Tmobile because of the CLIQ (garbage) and their horrible service,response to issues.

Motorola was also abominable with their support but they have me by the balls with the fastest Android device out :/

Can't wait to get root and have full access to the device.

QUESTION: I posted a how-to get the droid for super cheap (under 99$) and it got deleted.

We aren't allowed to help people out with finding deals?