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Jul 21, 2010
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Okay so here is the problem, Stupid me took my rooted droid incredible to try one of these roms, well didnt know the buggles beast was for moto only. (Yeah I know) Well of course it didnt work, so it wont get past the Incredible screen right after you hit the power button. So I am into clockwork recovery mode and for some reason the nandroid backup didnt backup to I have nothing to use to backup. What i am doing now though is going to install the skyraider rom just so i can have my phone back. But Is there a Android 2.1 stock zip file anywhere I can download and load to sd card and recover from that. I just want to go back to regular now since i kinda scared myself.

See the thread for stock roms a few under this one. Couldnt get anything to come up upon searching. Well thanks anyway.
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