After Errant Flash, stuck at splash screen: help!


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Sep 16, 2010
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I'm in a bit of a blind panic right now -- any help would be welcome. Like an idiot, I flashed a font pack from this page: onto my Droid Incredible, not being aware that this wasn't designed for the Droid Incredible. IDIOTICALLY (I know -- you don't have to tell me), I failed to do a Nandroid backup before doing so.

As a result, I can reach the HTC Incredible splash screen but nothing else. I'm rooted and have no trouble reaching the ClockworkMod Recovery. I'm wondering what I can do to fix this problem.

I'm currently running Stock Froyo 2.2 and I'm (obviously) rooted. I've been looking for a backup of the stock Froyo rom for the Droid Incredible, but I've been unable to find one. Does anyone happen to have a link to it? Any other recommendations? If I flash to a different ROM, might the problem be fixed?

Thanks for the help.