Droid Incredible possibly bricked.....


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Feb 17, 2011
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Alright well i have a droid incredible running 2.2, i rooted with unrevoked... and i installed rom manager free.... i was trying to update to 2.3 gingerbread and when i installed it it said to back up, and after saying yes to backup i realize i didnt have enough space for the backup... installing the software didnt go so good... it froze and now when i try to boot it only goes to the htc incredible screen.... but i can enter the hboot screen (Volume Down + power) so by now i have not backups and thats all i can do... what can i do? i would like to go back to the 2.2 and full restore... is there a way to use someone elses backup from another HTC incredible? PLEASE HELP.... I BARELY BOUGHT YESTERDAY!!!
do a battery pull and go back into recovery and do a restore (assuming you did the wise thing and did a backup of your rom first ;)
You get into recovery by holding Power and Volume Down as the phone starts up. You will get to the bootloader screen which is white and has some skaterdroids. Using the volume keys to navigate the screen press power on to select recovery.
While in recovery use the Volume UP + DOWN keys to navigate and the trackball to select. Select restore and go back to your original rom. Using a bigger memory card do another backup of your stock rom and redo your flash.

Use this guide if/when you have bootloading issues as well. dancedroid
You can also clear sd space with device connected to pc, as well as load a zip of virtuous you could dl to computer and put on sd then flash that.

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