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Nov 29, 2010
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Hey Guys,

I previously had SC 2.9.2. I then I flashed Gingerbread; however I didnt flash the recovery or the rom so now I am stuck with the stock version of 2.3 and can't access recovery mode on my phone. Does anyone have some suggestions or know a way that I can get my phone into recovery mode so that I can flash some of these new roms. I went back to the original link and when I try to download the recovery file it says that the webpage cannot be found. Any help is much appreciated!
Download rom manager. It has clockwork mod in it so you can just flash the recovery for your device straight from the app. If it isn't the latest version that you need to flash a certain rom you can probably just odin the correct version of cwm or if you're planning on flashing miui or cmw7, just flashing either of those through rom manager will automatically update your cwm to the latest version.

Keep in mind that both of those roms are mtd roms meaning if you want to flash a different rom you'll have to odin back to stock before doing so. Here's a link to the post that explains how to do that ***READ THIS!!!!!!*** Going from CM7/MIUI/OMFGB to another rom/Unbricking your device - xda-developers Careful with this. If you don't odin back to stock before switching from these roms it's pretty much instant brick and you'll have to use the above method to fix it.