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Jul 13, 2011
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Ok so i am fixing a friends droid incredible. I rooted it and installed the hboot recovery (not sure if thats the right name but its white and says htc with little green droids). Well they decided to install clockwork on top of that. I think that removing clockwork will allow access to the OS so i need to know how to remove it if i dont have access to the OS. I was thinking through adb if that would he possible.

EDIT: I found out that my friend tried to flash a stock ROM made from a backup from a different Incredible. So that may be the problem. Currently downloading a stock rom from the internet and will try to flash it.

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HBOOT comes with the device, from the store, it's nothing you installed, although users can update it.
ROM flash from another device fails, each device has unique identifier tied to it, and it lives in the backups as well.

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Ya i pulled a stock rom and flashed it on. That fixed it.

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