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Aug 2, 2013
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Hi guys :)

I am currently doing a thesis on the role of communication in developing successful apps.

I was wondering if anyone could participate? As you can see below the interview isn't that long. Finding app developers to take part is a tough process!

I would be extremely grateful if some of you could take part :hail:


· What is needed to bring the app from the prototype stage into the market place in terms of capabilities.?

· How much control do you require when developing an app?

· What aspects, if any, of the app development process do you outsource to other parties? (i.e design, coding, marketing etc..)?

· When launching an app into the market, how important is it to have first mover advantage? Or alternatively is it better to be a follower in order to gain a better understanding on how the market reacts to a particular type of app?

· What promotion or marketing techniques are used to promote the app and is a considerable amount of the app budget devoted to it? Are these long term or short term focussed?

· What other methods are used to gain additional revenue from the apps i.e in app advertising, add ons etc.

· How important is regular communication with stakeholders before, during and after the app development process and at what stage is communication most important?

· How frequently does communication take place between you and other stakeholders involved?

· Through what medium does communication most commonly take place? (face to face, email, phone)

· How difficult is communicating with stakeholders in the app development process and what challenges arise with regards communication during the app development process?
. How important is frequent communication to the overall success of the app?