Spam Apps on Market need to be removed!


Feb 3, 2010
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I can't take those damn spam apps anymore! If any you have been to the "Just in" category of the market, you'll know what I'm talking about. To vent off some of my anger I decided to make a "hit list" of the "developers" and their so called "apps"

So we have to categories of programs on the android market: Apps and Games. Let's start with spam apps 1st

I. Apps
A. Developer: background | Apps: "Sexy Hot Girls _____"

B. Developer: Good | Apps: "fascinating ____" and "sexy ____"

C. Developer: Girls | Apps: Just a bunch of porn apps

D. Developer: maike.TT | Apps: "Sexy Girl # __"

E. Devlopers: Fantastic Planet and a bunch of other devs | Apps: Their "designer alarm clocks". For some reasons I couldn't find a lot of their apps or the other devs. It might have to do with the fact that right now I'm on 2.2 (FRG22)
II. Games
A. Developer: AROMA PLANNING | Apps: Don't let me get started with this one...

B. Developer: Good | Apps: Apparently this dev. also makes games!

C. Developer: Hero2Hero | Apps: It varies from wallpapers to "Funny Dirty Jokes"

D. Developers: me4android AND gamespace AND free4android (They're all 3 separate devs but I'm pretty sure it's the same dev. with 3 accounts) | Apps: This dev. poorly attempts to port those "brew" games from your old dumbphones onto android phones and plasters the whole thing with ads. I'm pretty sure there's something illegal with that.

E. All those puzzle apps piss me off! Why couldn't somebody create an app where you could pick any picture you want from your gallery and then the app would scramble it up for you?

Let's not forget those spam comments that we find on all apps (most of them are by users named "android" and "Anonymous". Of course there are other users that put up spam comments and I guess I just have some OCD of labeling those comments as spam on first sight.

Let me know if I've missed any of these "devs" but the more important question/issue here is what can we as users do about it?
When it comes to the comments we can always label them as spam. We can also report these spam apps to Google but I'm not sure if that has done anything. Is it possible that if we mass report one of these apps from each dev. that Google will notice something and remove them?


May 10, 2010
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Dirty Jersey
Dude, ANYTHING that has to do with hot girls, sex, porn, girl wallpaper should be cionsidered spam. If you want hottie wallpaper, I would suggest saving a picture as wallpaper to your sd card and putting on your phone from there. youre setting yourself up any other way