My Droid Incredible went for a swim.


Jun 19, 2011
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Hey all, mostly this is just a request to help cover all my bases. I went swimming in a pool and had my Droid Incredible in my pocket (went swimming earlier and later went swimming again but forgot I had my phone on me), I instantly realized my error when my phone started vibrating and didn't stop till the battery got pulled. I put it in rice and am now just waiting till 24 hours is up to pull it out. I don't know the extent of the damage and haven't atempted to turn it back on yet, but it was submerged for about a minute at the very least. The pool is a private one and uses salt instead of chlorine.

My phone also got dropped in a puddle and was completely submerged last year but it was only for a couple of seconds and when I went to pull the battery then I found the interior completely dry, I guess it was just sealed up well enough to protect it. This time the exposure was more extreme.

Well my question now is this; is there anything else I can do/try in case the rice doesn't work? And also just in case the worst happens and my phone is shot does anyone know of a place to try for a relatively cheap used phone? If I can't rescue my phone I'll need at least a temporary replacement till I figure out if I want to upgrade or whatnot. Most places I've looked for a used, slightly older phone have yielded stuff in the $100 range, but if I could find something in the $50 range that would be better.

bionics are 50.00 if you can find them or free at certain retailers like sams etc.. check out wirefly,amazon etc...

i would not try to boot the phone for a minimum of 3 days . make sure battery is pulled and let it sit for at least 72hrs IMO
I would put it infront of a fan for acouple of days
Salt is bad, but does the water taste salty? I thought all that salt chlorination systems did was use the salt to extract the chlorine...

If the water tastes salty, while it was wet and with the battery out, I would have flushed it out with tap water. Here's hoping it comes out OK. Longer is better with the rice. 2 days is better than 1.

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This is mainly an update. I couldn't save the phone. I ended up drying it out but on trying to start it up found it flickering and not really booting up. I opened it up and tried cleaning it out but now it's pretty much moot since my two-year-old got to it (climbed up to get it, little stinker) and pulled one of the small cables off. So now I'm probably going to smash the mother board where the memory is so no one will access my info.

I did save the 16 GB SD card though and it had almost all my pictures and videos on it:) as well as much of my apps stashed in it. Luckily everything else, for the most part, is cloud based and thus is secure. The only things I'll really lose are a few photos taken before I changed them to store on the SD card, and some of my contacts since they weren't connected to my google account; lesson learned on that one.

My sister had her old phone, a Droid Eris, that she wasn't using since she changed carriers, and she let me have it. I'm hoping it's temporary as the Eris is seriously lacking in the hardware department. I'm going to flash a ROM on it though to make it more livable till I upgrade.

In the future I might be able to better save a water damaged phone since I learned some tricks online, but I still may not have been able to save it just because of how long and how deeply it was submerged. Also, I will never (intentionally) swim with my phone again.