Drowned Droid


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May 25, 2010
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I dropped my Motorold Droid in a puddle. It was submerged about 30 seconds. I immediately took out the battery and put the phone in dry rice. After 4 or 5 hours I tried it. No luck. Just showed the date as December 31, 1968 and what looked like airplane mode. My son tried factory resetting it. No luck. I put it back in rice overnight. In the morning I tried again. It powered up and worked for about 90 seconds. Opened a text message and it powered off. Now it will only cycle at the "M" screen (power on screen). Put it back in rice for a day. Same thing. Any saving it? Want to sell it for parts but worried someone will get it running and get my contact list and dont want all those phone numbers out there. Pulled the memory card. Are my contacts only on the memory card? Bought another phone, just would feel better knowing my contacts are destroyed on the old phone.
You probably killed it when you turned it on. You need to dry it at least 3 days before trying to turn it on.

Try doing an SBF restore. If the Moto logo happens, then it's not completely dead.