Story of a Drowned Droid


Nov 11, 2009
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About two months ago my droid got wet and stopped functioning. I tried all the usual tricks to try and bring it dashboard, etc. Nothing worked. No insurance. In my grieving I tried to power it up everyday, nothing ever happened. Tried a friend's battery...nothing.

This past weekend I started looking seriously for a replacement as the old BB Storm I've been using on the line is just not up to par. Almost pulled the trigger on a refurbished from the Verizon store before finding a bargain on a used one on Ebay. It should arrive next week.

So today I walk by where I have the drowned droid plugged in and low and behold there is something on the screen! It says "Bootloader 2C.6C" "Battery Low Cannot Program". Looks like I have a zombie droid on my hands. I suspect the battery is toast, and I'm wondering if trying a different battery might take it past the programming stage? It is plugged into power, so that theory might be wrong.

Anyone have any experience with anything like this? I'm wondering if this thing might be salvageable afterall....