My Battery Life..


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Nov 23, 2009
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Fort Lauderdale
I find I am getting good battery life without doing anything special.

With moderate use I can go all day on it without any issues.

The reason the IPhone lasts longer is because it's so locked down. The screen is small, it doesnt allow you to run widgets or many of the apps we can run. Jobs knows what's he doing - he built a phone for the masses - but if you don't want a locked down boring phone you get Android.

My OG Droid was getting almost no battery time left at the end. Now I get get an easy 9 hours and still have plenty of power left.

I use it for 4 emails accounts (k-9 mail) that sync at different intervals. I text, use EBuddy all day, talk for 1/2 hour to an hour a day. Words with friends is always running.

One thing that confuses me - I work in an office so for a couple of bucks I bought a 10 foot cable and plug. So when I'm not using it it's plugged in. Why is that so hard? At home I have the same setup in my home office and a dock in the bedroom.

This is a high end phone that runs on rechargeable batteries - what kind of time to you expect on it without strapping a battery pack around your waist?

Maybe in a few years we will have better battery tech but for now I'm pretty impressed.

I have no urge to bulk up with the extended battery but I suppose if I was not able to re-charge so easily and used it more I'd buy one.

By the way, generally Task Killers are worse than not using them. The issue is the task will restart automatically and the task killer will just keep killing it. This will drain your phone faster.

Right now after 4 hours of very light use I have 83% left.

Cell Standby is 47% - Time without signal 88%
WiFi - 25%
Idle - 21%
Display 5%
Android OS - 3%

Also I leave Wi-Fi on all the time - I have high speed at home and at the office. I also leave 4g on all the time.

At my house I get barely any signal so without wi-fi I can't operate.