MotoDroid 1 Previously Rooted But Now Not?

Was the fix in that post I directed you to?
Yes, the Root D1 Regardless of OS Version, you guy's direction to put the sbf file directly on C:\ and other directions, and the post about the flashing error one you just posted fixed the file ... there is one thing that i didnt see in the steps from the Regardless of OS version thread ... it never says to put the file onto the root of the sdcard ... had to kind of figure that out myself ... but other than that the instructions given by everyone were awesome and im glad you all helped me out ... i definitely do appreciate it :)
Yipee! Another satisfied customer. Welcome to the dark side.

p.s. Oh and BTW the reason he left out "on the root" of the sdcard was that you would not believe how many people got confused on that one. "Where's the root of my sdcard? I've looked all over and can't find it"

Yes. Really. And they live amongst us and breed.
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