Moto Droid Getting 2.2 Next Week (Update)



Motorola Droid getting Android 2.2 next week (update)

By Chris Ziegler posted Jul 30th 2010 at 5:16PM
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14diggsdigg We've just been dropped a brief note from Verizon that the original Droid will be getting the full Froyo treatment at some point next week. Considering the brevity of the announcement, it's entirely possible that this was thrown together in response to Sprint's EVO news -- but who cares? The more Android 2.2, the better, right? No official word on other Droid variants -- most of which are likely going to see Froyo updates soon -- but we'll be keeping our ears firmly planted to the ground.

Update: Want to know just how extensive your Droid makeover might be? Hit up the full Verizon PDF guide to Android 2.2 on Droid at our more coverage link. [Thanks, Sgenius]


Meet Android 2.2 (PDF)


Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce the new Android™ 2.2 software update for DROID by
Motorola. The new Android 2.2 (FRG01B) software update includes new features and tons of shortcuts.
It’s like downloading a new phone.

+ Improved Web browsing with Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 beta for
Android, now available for download via Market.

+ New security options including remote device wipe and device lock,
password complexity, and minimum password length.

+ New tips, shortcuts, and assistance from a home-screen widget help
users better navigate their phones.

+ Easily switch between the eight most recent applications.

+ Bluetooth® voice dialing displays your verbal instructions and
repeats them back.

+ Switch between letters, numbers, and symbols with a
touch-screen swipe.

+ Camera’s video mode now uses LED flash, and on-screen buttons
make it easy to control zoom, white balance, focus, exposure, and

+ Camcorder functions also provide easy-to-use formatting for
uploading to YouTube™ or MMS.

+ Enhanced browser performance for faster loading of JavaScriptheavy

+ Rotate the screen 270 degrees to work with apps in any direction.

+ Check USB connectivity status at a glance with a color-coded widget.

+ Improved security with numeric and alphanumeric password options.

+ Enhanced audio quality.

+ View PDFs and Microsoft® Office files sent from Outlook® 2003,
Yahoo!,® and Outlook Express email accounts, as well as TXT file
attachments from email accounts.

+ Keep original home-page icon locations after an over-the-air update.

+ Easy shortcuts for access to the phone, application launcher, and
browser from any of the five home screens.

+ Management of password policies for Microsoft Exchange
administrators across all devices.

+ Sync your Exchange email account to your phone and auto-complete
recipient addresses.

+ Support Exchange calendars in the Calendar application.

+ Edit recurring Corporate Calendar meetings with a large number
of invitees.

Bluetooth voice dialing

Home screen with shortcuts Improved security

+ Improved picture management for photos sent to Droid
via Bluetooth.

+ Use the Voice-to-Text feature while rotating the device from portrait
to landscape.

+ Improved Hotmail® sync for accounts with a large number of emails.

+ Streamlined efficiency in Microsoft Exchange Active Sync®
Corporate Calendar for meeting notices.

+ Use Music Player and Visual Voicemail simultaneously.

+ Improved Motorola Corporate Directory application.
Improve your communication with smarter functions
from Android 2.2.

Android 2.2 boosts mobile organization and response time. Dedicated
shortcuts make it easy to access the phone, application launcher, and
browser from any of the five home screens. Enjoy improved security
with the addition of numeric and alphanumeric password options.
And now Microsoft Exchange administrators can manage password
policies across all devices, making sure company information stays
secure and safe. Stay on top of your game by syncing your Exchange
email account to your phone and auto-completing recipient addresses
with Global Address List look-up. And Android 2.2 now supports
Exchange calendars in the Calendar application. Plus, use Bluetooth
voice dialing for hands-free calling and hear your instructions repeated
back for accuracy.

For step-by-step instructions on how to download the
update, visit