MMS & uploading pics to text sent on rooted S3 doesn't send via MobiPCS, suggs?


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Jan 7, 2013
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Hi, I had an S3 rooted recently by a contact who mentioned that at the moment there isn't a patch which allows one to send a text w/a pic attach. This is the Verizon S3 LTE/4G SCH 1535 which is now being used on the carrier MobiPCS.

The other issue is that at first when I connected this S3 to the P/C laptop running W7 it would open a window allowing you to access the files, now it doesn't since installing some apps which I've uninstalled. Is there already a patch out there that can resolve this? To all you Magi of the forum your help is greatly appreciated, Thanks

BTW, I'm a novice w/terms and don't know the rooting process. Your patience is appreciated if I don't understand your reply.....