Micro USB Cable with 90 degree bend?

Perhaps we can all send Mono-price an email asking them to carry this style cable.

There ya go! Mine is off in 5 minutes! :) cuskit
Any word on this from Mono-price? What did they say?
Not on this - but apparently they were shut down from sales for a while due to some issues with possible fraud relative to credit card theft. Their site is now taking orders once again. Someone posted elsewhere about this - but I did receive email from them telling me to check all purchases I made from them. All was fine. When I log into my account with them now, they have me changing my password with each order! I'm actually worried about using a credit card with them now until they discover what happened. They are "working on it", but will not give me specific answers. So I've now set up my PayPal account for all orders to them - I feel safer this way as they won't have any financial institution information from consumers accounts. :) mike
I will shoot an email off right now. Thanks for the heads up on the credit card orders, I will remember that when I am able to get a 6' right angle from the. Maybe a moderator could shoot an email and do a bulk discount from droidforums.net?????

Off to bed, the baby waits for no dad or mom to answer the call!!
ezeStand now has stock of 6' Right Angle Micro USB cables for the Droid. This will route down when the Droid is sitting upright. Just $3.99 with free shipping when you order an ezeStand or +$2.95 shipping if you just want to order the cable (or two).