Menu button on Galaxy Nexus?


Feb 15, 2010
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Most apps use a menu button for extra options how will this work with ice cream sandwich? there is no menu button in ice cream sandwich that i have seen.
In the PSX app the screen is full until you hit the menu button then all the options come up.
Pretty sure there is a menu key and they've done away with the search key

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The menu key pops up when it's needed, through the force.

Kidding but it's similar. If a menu key is needed for a program, it will appear at the bottom. Most programs show it automatically when it's needed.
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The button on the far right is the recent app selector (used to be long press home button). The most recently used app shows up on bottom, with all previous apps in order of use above. A freshly booted device will produce nothing if the botton is selected, until the first app, or even settings is executed. Pulling down the notification bar will allow access to quick settings toggles and settings. When in applications that require the use of menu button it will appear in bottom bar. Using apps like virtual button can help if it really bothers.

I really hope the stock browser has quick controls!
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what i was really wondering is if while in a game or movie after all the buttons go away how do you get into the menu back button selection? in the video player you most likely touch the screen but what about apps that were not built for ICS?
For every app that is NOT compatible it looses the ability to blacken out bottom bar and a menu like button will appear in bottom bar. This is how Honey comb currently is. Dont fret it will be easy.
Yeah....Google didn't fundamentally change their OS interface without putting a lot of thought into it. I'm sure they thought of everything, no worries.
Look above your post for my answer.

So where's the menu button?

Sorry couldn't help myself.

Every video I see of this phone my jaw drops and I care less and less about the SD card but it must have 32G storage.
Not worried just want to be ready for the beast Thanks guys for your input.Cant wait oh and love the sig sbenson so far all i see verizon doing is taking forever to release this phone.
Menu key will be in upper right corner of apps.
Hope all apps are compatible with this setup.

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Thats for compatible apps. Youtube I imagine would be compatible out the door and has a HC version.

For things like Amazon app store or apps that arent updated a different menu button appears.

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