Official Ice Cream Sandwich/Galaxy Nexus Unveiling Thread

Here is my question, as mentioned by BMX, ICS itself is the real game changer, not the GN. I think one of the reasons this is thought is because of its app disabling feature. My worry is that this aspect could be blocked by carriers, (especially Verizon) if it can't then the inevitable ICS update for the newly
Announced Razr could make it more compelling than the GN itself....thoughts?
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I would say the 720p screen its a pretty big feature. Since its a nexus device I don't think Verizon will/can block anything since its completely stock.

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Do we know the size of the lte version yet?

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C'mon Sammy, Google or Big Red... give us a pre order date and prices already! All I dream about is the G-Nex, ICS, and the chick from Transformers: Dark of the Moon.