Official Ice Cream Sandwich/Galaxy Nexus Unveiling Thread


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Jan 19, 2011
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Exactly what it says. Join us to discuss the event as we all get our first official taste of Ice Cream Sandwich and the beloved Galaxy Nexus.

Join us tonight? You mean from now until tonight...and possibly even until tomorrow afternoon, nonstop. :)
Is there gonna be a love stream on youtube??

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So what I have established so far is that Sbenson wants me to join him here, tonight and possibly even until tomorrow afternoon, nonstop, for a love stream.... hmmmm
For all the love we have for the Galaxy Nexus haha

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So is this like a support group for the next 6 hours? And the next couple days until this thing gets released? If so, count me in :D
Sbenson, do you think we should discuss here or over in where there will probably be more visibility/people dropping in to discuss?

Okay, so never mind this... I've been talking with a couple of the other Mod's and they are going to link to this thread from the news post. This is going to be the primary place for discussion and opinions and stuff and that thread is going to be for news updates and such. So make like tgyberg and get cozy!