mail force closing, help please....


Nov 28, 2009
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All of the sudden my stock email app is force closing. I get notified of incoming emails and then when I press it to read it the app force closes every time. Same thing happens if I try to compose a message. I did a battery pull and even deleted my accounts and set them back up. Any help, thanks.
Nope, not a thing. I have had a problem with it in the past not sending outgoing mail and I just deleted and the account and then put it back in. It did that today so I did the above and now fc everytime. Gmail works though.
No, its both of the accounts I have set up.
go to manage applications, then go into email, clear the cache and data. You'll have to reenter your email info, but that should fix it
Very odd to read this. I use my droid to read my work email and its worked perfect until a few days ago. bring my mail in but force closes when I try to open any email. Gmail works fine.
the method i posted should fix that too. I've had those same problems and it cleared it all right up. This was early december, havent had a problem since.
Do what Pyro said, worked like a charm. Have redo your accounts but mine is back up again. Thanks man!
No prob, glad I could help. That thing annoyed the piss out of me when it first popped up.