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Nov 20, 2009
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I just got the "low on space" message on my phone. Phone storage space is getting low. Internal phone storage is at 11MB . I'm not sure why because I don't really have that many applications. I do receive some mail with downloads and I can only guess that it's from the downloads. How do I delete downloads or find out what is wrong? Thanks.
Try going into settings/applications/manage applications and clearing the cache on the apps. You have to do this manually one by one so it's a bit tedious, but it will probably help. While you're on the screen where you clear the cache, take note of how much space each app is using. That should go a long way to telling you which apps are taking up your space.

And yes, email with attachments will suck up a lot of space, of which there is limited amount. So deleting any unused/unneeded attachments. Or if you want to keep them move the to your SD card then delete the message to recover the space.
Excellent tip! I was getting wiggy when I hit a low of 37 mb free! Thank you!
I posted this on another thread, but why, why, WHY would anyone setup a pop email account on a portable when you likely could do IMAP?

IMHO, fellow Droid users, if it is an email you also use elsewhere, set it up as IMAP on your Droid and you will have it all!
What's the difference between pop and IMAP? My only email address I have now is through my isp and its pop. Is IMAP better and if so can I change it from pop to IMAP?
A very simple answer would be:
POP downloads the messages to your email client and removes it from the server. When you access it with one email client, you generally cannot with another email client.
IMAP messages remain on server and only download/delete based on need. Any email client accessing the account (through web browser, email client, mobile smart phone) will see the same exact stuff (maybe not visually, but content wise).
This is why RW-1 is asking why anyone would use POP on a portable device. The messages would be downloaded and stored on the phone. If you wanted to access them, you would have to keep them saved on that device.
POP email downloads the message from your email providers server to the device on which you're reading the email - in this case your phone. Which means you can't read the email on any other device once you've read it once, and the email itself takes up valuable space on your phone.

IMAP allows you to read the email on your device, but doesn't remove it from the server. That way it doesn't take up space on your phone, and you can read the email again from any other device (say, your computer).
Can you please tell me how to set up imap on my droid.....? or is that gonna be via gmail.com?
I've got the low memory problem too. I checked "manage apps" and see that I've got a sum total of zero cache for all applications!?

Now what?
Try going into the HTC FB App (under Settings) and select "Clear Data" that made the warning go away on my phone. Then use FB for Android from the Market instead. Let us know if that works.
I am having this issue too. The Mail client is reporting 78MB of data, though I completly removed my accounts from the phone. The .Mail directory is empty. Where is this supposed data being stored?
I've been getting this message starting just in the last 2 days. I've uninstalled ALL of my apps and this morning I got it again. Something is running away with the memory. Last night, I had cleared facebook, removed twitter apps, a bunch of other things, leaving me with almost 40MB... just now it told me I had 7MB, and it's been sitting on my desk charging all morning.

I think it is the mail app. Yesterday it said it had like 28MB, today it says 102MB. None of it is in cache either. ugh.

There's something seriously messed up here.
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This may sound stupid but make sure you don't have too many text messages just sitting there. I had a conversation going since Novemember that was around 600, another 250 from someone, a couple were in the 100's. i deleted the big 600 one and the low space icon left........for now.
Had the same problem but found a fix...at least for my scenario

I got the "low on space" notifier and it was driving me nuts. I checked my SD card memory, internal phone storage, and phone memory, which all had plenty of space. I found this thread and was sad to see that the suggested solution was to hard reset your phone.

I use chompsms for my messaging, and it hit me that I had a lot of picture messages lingering in my conversations. I say lingering because they werent saved to my phone or SD card to my knowledge. So I went through and deleted them and it worked! No more low on space notifier.

This may work on the default messaging app too.

So surely before you do a hard reset, try this first.
To everyone experiencing this, I believe this to be some sort of a virus. I believe this because when I got this, and all efforts to remediate it failed, I tried installing Lookout. The Lookout installation just kept dying.

I too resorted to a hard reset (seems no way around that). I highly suggest running Lookout after the hard reset. I believe this issue was caused by Malware.