Loving Android 8.1 on my Pixel XL


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May 1, 2010
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Appreciate Google integrating a number of the Pixel 2 features in this update. Particularly appreciate the Ambient Display. SUPER handy! Like the new home screen with the clean day, date and temp display. Not crazy about the ginormous Google search bar, but glad that the 'darkening' background for the lower set of icons has been removed. All in all loving this...
Pretty smooth if i say so myself.... I'm running with Nova launcher with all Google options but better customization...

Pixel 2 XL
Stock launcher here and this is why I prefer Google's phones over other Android manufacturers like Samsung. I love having the latest Google software so much that I won't even wait for the ota. I will just manually install the software from the Google server myself.

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While I don't manually install the software from the Google server as you do, pc747, I was burned once by Motorola (which promised a software upgrade which it never delivered), and so I will always buy Google phones, as I can depend on them upgrading their phones.