losing 3g


Jan 19, 2010
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Shrewsbury Pa
I keep losing 3g and have to ether toggle airplane mode or going to settings wireless networks and click on mobile network anyone else I don't want to do the *228 cuz I read it will fry my sin card
I have the same problem...my VZW guy is going to check on it when he gets back to work tomorrow...he did tell me to do *228 and when I questioned him on that be said it would be alright...but I didnt do it...so I'll just wait to hear back from him...
I heard it's a hardware issue and from what I understand it will be a persistent problem with the TB.
Just wanted to add that this has happened to me once so far as well.
Just spent an hour and a half at verizon with the same problem. They had to do a complete master reset. I lost everything that I had been working on over the entire weekend. All settings, apps, everything.
Here is your solution

I had the same problem and this fixed it. I don't know why they don't notify us so peopledont waste their time factory reseting or returning their phones. Also fixed my gps... I guess gps needs access to data.

This is such an easy temporary fix that I can't believe they don't send out a network wide text.
I am thankful for this simple solution. Because it shows its not a hardware issue and will be resolved for good when Verizon irons out the network issues.

This solution should be stickied because its a widespread issue till Verizon fixes the network.