Lollipop Android 5.0 Rom For The Evo 3D!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Android Development community strikes again reviving an old and dead end of lifed device! Android 5.0 has been ported to the Evo 3D which was EOLed years ago. This is why I have always been such an advocate for Root and Roms. We spend hundreds of dollars on our smartphones and for many of this the purchase of a smartphone has to be a 2-3 year investment. As quickly as devices are coming out these days it is hard for OEMs to keep 10 or more devices updated. Instead they end of life devices after 6 or more months. Some devices get the very next version of Android after the initial release of the phone, but not all phones even get that. When you root and rom your device you give yourself the option to update your device as long as developers decide to support it.

Now you get to see Android 5.0 Lollipop in a way you have never seen it before, in 3D on the Evo 3D! This may not be ready for daily driver use but much of the Rom is working including Display, Touchscreen, Sound Bluetooth, Sim Card, Wifi, Sensors, mount sdcard with usb, headphones, stock browser, and OTG. What's not working includes mobile data, calls, camera, root apps, gps, hdmi, and fm radio. If you use the evo 3d as you main device you may want to skip this build. The developer is steadily working on this port to get more functions working. Hopefully he will have the bugs hammered out soon. Head to the link below for the download if you'd like to test this out.



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Apr 2, 2010
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OMG! Note... I've GOT to flash this on my trusty old Evo 3D. I keep that phone for several main reasons... It tasks 3D video and photos, and also displays them without glasses. Not only that but you can port the photos up several different 3D formats for printing and viewing without a phone.

Oh, and it has an internal FM RADIO, so it's really quite a neat device.

I got it in a yard sale for $10. Kind of hard to pass up.

Now I guess I've got to figure out how to root it and get it working.

I'll try to send pics in the morning and probably be on my way to flashing sometime tomorrow.

Thanks for this link.