Liquid JB 4.2 Rom Droid 4 XT894

Been using the 6/23 Maserati build for the better part of the day and so far it's running great. This build seems to have none of the issues I was experiencing with the cyanogenmod builds, save for the myverizon app generating errors. HDMI does not seem to work, but I may just not know how to work it as I just got the cable and haven't tried it with the POS OTA JB.

Random shutdown last night whilst charging, another one a few minutes ago whilst is drawer.
I had two more random shutdowns yesterday, including one whilst charging like the previous night. i have since replaced the sim card and the back bezel with the antenna and camera flash on it. I also fixed permissions in safe strap. Since then i have had no issues, not even whilst charging.
Maybe somebody here may help me out with this. I have done complete wipes and formats for my phone and reinstalled the ROM but yet every time Opera Mobile Classic will close after the splash screen. I haven't found a reason for this to happen, no left over files or anything. Any ideas?
2.8 was just released here -> Downloads - Browsing maserati


edit: this update broke my MMS again just like the last one. The only way I have been able to fix this issue is to delete data and cache. I think it's time to steer clear of liquid again. I'm going back to Eclipse. I just don't have any of these silly problems with Eclipse. I sure hope this ROM becomes more stable in the future. I'll give it some time and try back again. It's just not good enough to be a daily driver to me.
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I've had random reboots for a while now but I just installed 2.8 and MMS works for me. It's only been a few minutes so I can't comment on the reboots but I'll update in a few days. The reboots almost always happen when I'm sliding my keyboard in/out and it has to rotate the screen orientation (I have auto-rotate turned off).
My MMS is also not working, and ringtones are back to breaking each reboot.
When I had this issue, the only way I could resolve the problem was to delete data. I tried every fix I could find and nothing would bring MMS back up. And even so, when MMS did work again, after a few days it would just stop again. I would be able to send, but not able to receive. A message would display telling me to make sure the network is available. It didn't matter what application I used for MMS. The stock app would display that it was downloading the message, but it would never come.

Good luck with it.
Ok, now that i'm up and about... last night my phone started getting really hot and was using so much power that i was still losing charge whilst connected to the charger, even after a reboot. I restored my 6-23 build and all is well.
hello guys.. Im not sure if its a rom based problem but when i try to take a screenshot with an app (any app so far) it gives me a blank photo. with the built-in screenshot option it works fine. i like to use an app for scrrenshots. much more convenient for me. any suggestions?
I am still doing some of my own builds too. All recent builds are ROM SLOT 3 ONLY.

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This is heavily based on the STS-Dev Team (hashcode-dhacker29) and the liquid team sources. So a big thanks to them and to cyanogenmod, also to users fattire and redflea. Without their work-sources I will never have even tried this. This still has the same bugs as the other 4.2 roms.

As usually you are responsible for whatever you do to your device.

Ive tried to flash v2.9 four or five times and it keeps failing....../: