LG Officially Unveils New Flagship Smartphone, the LG V10; Full Specs & Features

At first, that was the case. But the G2 deteriorated quickly with subpar updates.

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My friend loves the g2 and I tried his g2 that's why I got the g4 thinking it was better my bad

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Hmm. LG is the one manufacturer I have yet to buy from (other than the N5) and this has some real possibility as my next phone. Not crazy about the already outdated 808 processor but the rest of the specs are on target. Hmmm...........
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I'm with you boid....LG has always been meh... nothing that really caught my eye in the past, but THIS is one sweet device. I look forward to spending some time with one once it arrives at the Verizon store, or Best Buy.

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I got suckered into thinking no sd card slot and non-removable battery were thngs I wouldn't miss. Well... I need them both. Most days my battery is low by noon so I have to leave it in the truck to charge, which makes me cutoff from my employees and customers. I thought rather than handing people an SD card with my videos on it for work I could upload them and they could download them later. That's failed miserably and I now have to come home and move the files over to an SD card and give it to them later. In some cases I'm mailing them out instead because I couldn't do it on the spot.

The fingerprint scanner is useless if I have anything on my hands. My hands are filthy all day everyday. The stock music player overrides my Google player and I'm constantly battling that while driving.

I could go on but the reason for this post is that I held one of these last Friday at my local tmobile and it felt awesome! The specs are fantastic and in my hand it was the most comfortable phone I've ever held.

I'm waiting for my second Note 5 replacement phone to come. Both times the screen has broken. I'm wondering if they'll let me switch for some reason. II want out and want out quickly. This is my go to device.
No, it's not. LG did that two years ago with the G2.
My friends g2 is still way better for battery and stability then the g4 I had sndvthen swapped for turbo. No my turbo bests his g2 but g4 had better bells and whistles

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At first, that was the case. But the G2 deteriorated quickly with subpar updates.

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I'm still using a G2, still the exact same phone I got over 2 years ago, never had to have it replaced. Battery still lasts 2 days on a signle charge and no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. I'm tempted to upgrade to the 5X just because I can, but I don't have any reason to upgrade.
The phone never went 2 days for me, even when new. I did like the phone and still used it until I got the 6P. The bottom left portion of my screen went dead, so I thought it was a good time to move up. I use it for my music player still. Overall it was a good phone, but mine didn't respond well to the updates, and the screen took a dive on me.

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