LG Officially Unveils New Flagship Smartphone, the LG V10; Full Specs & Features

Wow, this is pretty impressive. I could almost be willing to give up my s-pen to consider this. Love the dual screen, ext sd-card, camera/video features, etc.

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After the G2, I'm steering clear of LG for a while. That thing ran worse with each update and they were slow to get it there. I wasn't real impressed with the G4 and think the UI is worse than TW anymore.

All my opinion of course, others may disagree completely.

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same boat as you..im steering clear of lg after my g2
This phone will have extra RAM which will help it tremendously IMO... I think the reason Samsung has stepped it up with extra RAM on latest is big..

Comparison vs LG4

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I like it too. I wish it had a bigger battery tho like 3400 or something.

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Looks like lg is the new consumer king of Android.

Edit: just watched the video, wow.

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Awesome specs. I love LG products, unfortunately 5.5 is my max.. 5.7 is just too large for me.
Awesome specs. I love LG products, unfortunately 5.5 is my max.. 5.7 is just too large for me.
You never know, 5 was my sweet spot until the g3 :).

But it looks like this phone is HUGE lol.

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Looks like a very solid choice for device, especially if you're already happy with LG's current offering(s). If it wasn't for my super strong urge to step back into the Nexus world, this would be the top contender for my money right now.
That duraguard stuff should make some selfie pics went up.

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Now I'm debating if I should get this for the wifey instead of 5x

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I'm still using my G2 and have no issues with it at all. Been running a custom version of 4.4.4 on it for sometime now and the thing doesn't seem to suffer from slowdowns over time like my Bionic and Nexus devices would. With that being said, I will probably get the V10 when it comes to the states, that thing looks amazing.
I do like the features lg puts in there phones but can they make a good stable quality phone with a big battery. Jury still out

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