Launcher Pro v. 2.2


Jul 18, 2010
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So I have LauncherPro Plus right now and like it a lot - do not regret buying it all - but I am wondering....

How will LauncherPro stack up against 2.2 - I hear some of the features of LauncherPro are built in to 2.2 (like a dock at the bottom etc.)

So, will LauncherPro be outdated when 2.2 comes? Or will it still be useful and why?

LP is for customization, no matter what 2.2 brings to the stock home screens it will not equal what LP has to offer for customization...

Also, 2.2 is a one time update - all great dev's will work to improve their apps if it does become "outdated" and we will see continual updates from him...
What kind of improvement can i expect having Android 2.2?

By upgrading OS version, can someone please tell me what kind of things I can do more/better?

I have Droid X.
+1 for customization.

Your example of both having a dock on the bottom is a perfect example. Froyo's dock has 3 items for Stock Phone app, App Laucher and Stock Browser. Launcher Pro has 15 and you can decide what goes there.