Stable Home Replacement???

I just downloaded SH directly from the website, but I can't find it anywhere. After downloading, I shut my phone down & restarted it, but it doesn't come up. Any help???

It will probably be in the download folder of whatever browser you are using. If you don't have Astro, or some other file manager, that would be a first stop.
Worked perfectly! Thanks!

Great! Have fun, and be warned-this can rapidly turn into an addiction.

If you have questions about editing or working with it, there are some good resources on the Sweeter Home site, but there are some documentation gaps as well. If there's something you can't figure out or find an answer to over there, let us know.
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LauncherPro is where its at, you just really have to tweak it and mess with the memory settings in order for it not to lag if you've got your homescreens really full.
+2 to sweeterhome! NOTHING can touch this home replacement :D

My current theme:


No more high-density pink theme? I thought that one was pretty clever.

I switch themes like daily!! Yes the pink is still my fav :D
not much love is being given to ADW, but that is my launcher of choice. i really do like LP+, but i had a lot of problems with screen redraws. ADW is very fast for me, and there are lots of themes in the market for customizing the dock bar. and, there is a new update out which allows for lots more customizing. i'm not going to say it's better than LP+, cuz i really dig Fede's work - ADW just works better on my phone...