Keep Unlimited data but pay upgrade prices? verizon


Dec 29, 2009
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Is it possible to keep your unlimited data plans but still pay upgrade prices on the phones for verizon?
We are getting 2 S4's and 2 iphones, Currently we have 3 smartphones and 1 basic phone. the smart phones have unlimited data
we went to a Diamon Wireless (authorized verizon retailer) at a mall, and they told us that they would allow us to keep the unlimited data plans because they've found a loophole or something.
We pay upgrade prices on phones and the upgrade fee and we keep unlimited data.

has anyone heard of this or done this before?
I think the only way is to get a phone at full price, which could ultimately cost less in some cases.
what lol so is this guy lying to me? the manager and employees seem fairly confident.... i dont think he would lie like that if they couldn't do it...

they are an authorized reseller and operating in a pretty big mall here in california, tried to look on yelp but no luck
-It's possible that particular reseller is eating the cost or doing some trickery of the system to get that price.

-Whether that violates the Verizon reseller agreement, who knows.

-So the question is are you okay with that and are you willing to chance Verizon reversing it.

This is all just conjecture on my part. I personally would ask for details regarding the situation. If they were unwilling to explain it to me I would probably avoid it.
The only way to keep unlimited data and get the upgrade price is to move your available upgrade to a phone that has a tiered plan or no data plan. Buy the phone at the upgrade price on that tiered/no data line, activate the new phone on that tiered/no data line (very important), then once it is activated on the tiered/no data line you can move the phone to any new line you want.

Be aware that Amazon and wirefly charge a fee if you move the phone before 6 months. Verizon, best buy and Costco do not.

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I juggle phones at AT&T and they have never charged for changing around the numbers from one phone to another.
The vendor is correct. There is a way to accomplish this. It does take some leg work for the vendor to accomplish it. However, I think one of the accounts has to be sacrificed to metered data. Use phone #1 upgrade on line #4. Then transfer phone back to #1. Use #2 upgrade on line #4. Then transfer phone to #2. The Verizon system sees lines #1, #2 and #3 as bring your own. #4 would be metered due to use of reduced price. A friend did this thru Best Buy.