just got a droid! rooting and rom recommendations?

alright cool. the lite version of astro works right?

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well i saw a paid and free. probably gonna just take the free one.

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okay so z4root is permanant right? i was reading your guide more and was wondering how i can make the recovery image thing if i can't connect to the computer to use rsd lite.

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Use the permanent root option. ROM Manager will flash your recovery image, then you do the battery pull to prevent anything from removing said recovery image (the bootloader WILL if given the chance), then you reboot directly into recovery and install that update.zip file I told you to download in the instructions. That will fix it in memory and you're good to go.
bump cause i still haven't gotten a chance to root yet...

*sigh* holiday schedule and a school project has been killer.
Okay. First up, install Astro from the market. Next up, check the "allow unknown sources" button in settings> applications> so you can install z4root.

Now, download z4root from here -- you'll need an account.

[APP] z4root - xda-developers

Open Astro, navigate to the download folder and find the z4root apk. Press it and you'll be given the option to install it. Install it. Now run it and root your phone.

Congrats. Now, moving on, go here and follow these directions.


Please ignore the numbering mistake in step 8.5 and please don't be offended if it sounds over-simplified. The instructions are pre-release for a method I was working on before 83D plugged the z4root hole, and as such aren't totally finalized.

Let me know if you run into any problems! :)

okay..stupid question... where can i find the ROM Manager?

EDIT: found it. when i try to Flash Alternative Recovery, it says there is no recovery.. help!
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Try flashing Clockwork first, then alternate recovery. You can use Clockwork but the instructions are laid out for SPRecovery.

you're refering to the Flash ClockworkMod Recovery option right (first option)?
okay i did it and now i have ClockworkMod do i do the Flash Alternate Recovery now?