Droid X2: Storage & Emulating?


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Sep 17, 2010
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Ok, So I had no problems with playing any kind of Roms in the past on my Droid X. I hadn't tried since I got my Droid X2 as a replacement less than a month ago. Not only did I notice that all of the Emulator apps were gone from the marketplace (including a $4 SNES eumulator I purchased and got taken off without a refund), but I noticed that when I finally found the Tiger GBA/NES/SNES apps for download on other sites, my X2 refused to download anything and everything, despite me clicking the "allow download of other applications." As I was in the car, it was annoying, but as soon as I got home, I transferred the roms and apps to my X2, attempted to run the rom, the screen went black, and then it went back to the home screen. Has Motorolla/Verizon completely blocked the playing of roms on the X2? I tried finding all of the last updated versions of all of the Tiger emulators and "Emulator Roms" app that is encouraged by Tiger, and nothing I do works.

Also, nobody knows how to switch the default storage location on the X2 from internal to SD card....which makes NO SENSE AT ALL. I have a 32gb Micro SD Card and 4gb of Internal...yet it insists on installing every last thing on internal :icon_evil: UGH! This is really annoying, both problems. Does anyone have any solutions? I really want to play Yoshi's island and I can't seem to find the power cable for my SNES >.<