just got a droid! rooting and rom recommendations?


Dec 8, 2010
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hey guys. so i just got a droid today! i want to root it but i'm not sure which guide to use. the droid is on 2.2 froyo. i've read a few guides, and i've seen a lot of custom roms, and i need a recommendation on which one to use. i'm not using the droid as a phone. i'm going to use it as a wifi device. i want a rom that is good for music, videos, browsing online, and playing some time-waster games. also, i've heard there are emulators for SNES/NES/GBA. is this true? and how do i get them? thanks.
UD's Ultimate Droid 2.5 just came its pretty good. A basic rom would be Bugless beast, and Mi-Ui I heard is cool
Try miui from team d1 nothing better that that. Trust me. Liquid frozen is fast but miui is stable. Go forward

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which has better customization/theme options? i also want to be able to play emulators, because i'll be using that often to kill some time during class or in the car. and i still have access to the android market right?

and last question. can you guys recommend a guide for a first time rooter? i'm on froyo 2.2. thanks guys for any help.
Heres a guide for rooting: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-labs/74028-root-droid-1-regardless-os-version.html
or if you want to go the one touch app way i recommend z4root it nas been pulled from the market but can be found at the xda forums here:[APP] z4root - xda-developers
FYI you have to be a member to download the file, but all you have to so is sign up.
I have to vote for ChevyNo1's SS rom. I've been using it since version 4.2 with no problems. He also has been doing mid rom updates that are fully automated if you have clockwork recovery. Although as of late he has been MIA due to a large software release at his work. His Kernels are great too but every phone reacts differently to different kernels.
thanks for the link. probably gonna do the one touch root because i'm too lazy to do it the more complicated way. are there any precautions i should take to make sure i don't screw my Droid?

well that's three different roms, so i guess i'll look into them and decide for myself. as for the emulators, still haven't gotten any responses, so any recommendations?
Sorry I've never used any of the emulators. My guess would be to search the market and go with the best rated emulator. Remember that you have a 24hr window to return the app if you don't like it. That window for return has been shortened to 15mins you have the new market. Just fyi.

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wow really? never knew Android has a return period. cool. how can i tell if i have the new market?
Another vote for Chevy here. NESoid is a great NES emulator that I use. The paid version allows you to save games at anytime. Works great!
i see you have the Chevy rom set at 1.2ghz while quicksilver has it set to 800mhz. am i right in assuming i can choose the processor speed? don't really wanna set it high so i don't kill the battery.
If you're on FRG83D then your best bet is to use the link provided above and in my signature. Number 2, actually.

FRG83D cannot be rooted by one-touch apps, and if you're hooking your phone up to your computer anyway, you might as well give yourself a custom recovery image so you can flash those ROMs you seem interested in. Otherwise you're just asking for trouble

Finally, if you JUST got the D1 today then you're probably in the position of benefiting from a LOT of reading. Good luck.
my build number is FRG22D. is a one-touch root available for this version?
The app you're looking for is SetCPU.

Also, there are many other ROMs you should look at. UD can be buggy. SS is made by a great dev but it can be geared more towards "geeks". CM is awesome, and I can attest to the fact that the latest stable version is almost as snappy with the stock 800MHz kernel as the last version I tried was with a 1.2GHz kernel, but it's developed by a team of people who call themselves TeamDouche (and probably aptly so). MIUI has amazing potential and features but is NOT for the n00b. Liquid Frozen Yogurt is built by some awesome people. Etc. etc. Not all ROMs work on all phones.
[APP] z4root - xda-developers

But this does NOT give you a custom recovery image, the bootloader that came with 22D will replace any non-stock recovery image with stock on every boot, and without a custom recovery image you can forget about ROMs, kernels, and themes.
is there any way to get that custom recovery image?