Juat @ VZW Triwd Incredible & 100% keeping my Droid

I had my phone out in public and no chicks....

Then and I mean right away.... I took my battery cover of exposing my Incredible hot red in all it's glory. And even grandmothers where sweating.

Goes to show the red rocks. LOL.

I'm thinking of getting some case to cover up the red sports car design, I can't keep these girls off me
I have been using the droid since it was released. I love it.

I now have the incredible. I am not going to go as far as saying that there is a night and day difference. The gap between the phones that were out at the same time as the droid, is much larger then the gap between the droid and the incredible.

Having said all that, in my view, its better. Even for the fact alone its faster. Then you have the camera. I think sense is a personal preference thing, as I like both stock and sense. But non the less, sense is a welcome upgrade.

All in all, outside of the keyboard, i am not sure why you would go with the droid of the incredible (wel, the droid does have a beter feel:))