Jrummy overclock settings won't stick

i'm still having problems with it. running liberty 1.5 not using it's overclock feature, just the jrummy's overclock. have 1300/1300 screen on and 300/300 screen off. when the screen comes back on, i says i'm at 1300/300. doesn't matter whether it's performance ondemand or userspace. any ideas?
This is starting to make me batty I am having the same problem I can not get the screen off settings to stick I set them for 400mhz min and max.

I'm using liberty 1.5

Reboots and battery pulls don't fix it nor does reinstalling it.
Also I have made different variations on profiles to see if anything interferes. No Luck

If somesomeone has an answer please let us know
Just curious if you checked the box indicating using profiles? Also....have you tried uninstall reinstall?
Just curious if you checked the box indicating using profiles? Also....have you tried uninstall reinstall?

Yes and yes it will work like the first two times then it flips to 1200 max... instead of 400mhz for screen off...

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Im getting the exact same oucomes as you hk. I emailed some profiles. Guess we just have to wait

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Photos of My Issues

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Im going to have to break this into to parts lol Even though I'm IT my security team wont let me send 2 attachments out WTF haha way to be team players.... Any way back to biz This is my Profile settings...
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This is the settings my phone is in when my screen is off had to be fast to get this screen shot before it transitioned. But as you can see they don't match my profile... I wanted to add these pics to make things a little more clear to those of you trying to help...

I think I have Solved the Issues?

OK after much tinkering the last 24 hours I have done some things to my phone and now the settings for screen off 400MHz. I did a few things so I will put my steps here and let me know if it works. "Note I did a lot so I am putting it all to be sure it works because its hard to narrow it down"

1. Make a back up of your Rom using bootstrap
2. Wipe phone and reload your rom from backup copy
3. Install the following http://db.tt/U5lMXmo using bootstap
Note> the info for step 3 is all here imoseyon

4. After the Phone has booted up go to droidx over clocker and use something like the profile below.
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(I use Medium power frequency)

5. Fix Permissions in the DX over-clocker app and if you would like set to fix every-time on boot in Liberty toolbox

6. Reboot and test it out

I also wanted to say that the reason most of us are trying to do this is because we want everything on our droid x with no compromise if you have Liberty rom and this was to save power I recommend JuiceDefender. Its a bit expensive but if you want to make the phone last longer when your not using it kind of like under-clocking your data usage to help your baby sleep. In conjunction with actual under-clocking and knowing when to flip JuiceDefender on and off your phone will last for a very long time.

Please let me know if this Helps or if you have any questions!

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