Is there an app to allow blutooth voice dialing.


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Feb 10, 2010
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Hi all,
This is my first post on here. I have been following the forum for a couple of weeks now, and just yesterday was able to make the switch to verizon so I could get the droid. I am absolutely loving it so far. The only question I have so far is, is there an app that will allow voice dialing for my blutooth and if not is there possibly going to be one in the future. I am disabled so I use it for driving and talking. As you can imagine pulling out the phone,dialing and steering/ using the gas brake with the other hand doesn't work well. Atleast not safely. Any help you guy's can give me would be great. Thanks in advance.
Welcome first of all.....Welcome!!!!!

But I don't think this is available yet for the Droid...I've seen a lot of people complaining over this
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Welcome. :)

Search for the Blue Ant (sp?) BT headsets. They supposedly work with Android phones because they have onboard memory that can store a few numbers like speed dial.
Not all of BlueAnt's headsets have built-in voice dial. I know the Q1 does.

Voice Control

The BlueAnt Q1 is equipped with simple and easy to remember voice commands that put you in control. You no longer need to remember complicated button combinations or even look at your phone: just say one of the voice commands and the Q1 responds. It's that simple.

Unlike other headsets that only support voice dial capabilities through the mobile phone's voice features, voice control is embedded in the Q1 headset itself. When you want to do something, just click the BlueAnt button and wait for the Q1 to ask you to "Say a Command". Then say the voice command you want, loudly and clearly, and the headset will obey.

As well as being able to make calls, you can use your voice to check and change your Q1's settings, find out if you are connected to your phone, and even enter pairing mode.

And if you get stuck, just ask the Q1 "What Can I Say?" and the Q1 will read out a list of available voice commands. There is also a "Teach Me" command that guides you through all the Q1's functions.
There are certainly other options out there as well.
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thanks you so much for the help

I will definately look into that. I definately need a bluetooth that works with it.