Is there a fix for the camera?

My friend is a semi-serious photographer with nice camera gear. Yet she describes the camera on the Nexus One as "stunning" and "phenomenal."

She describes the Droid camera as "crap." I agree with that.
My friend is a semi-serious photographer with nice camera gear. Yet she describes the camera on the Nexus One as "stunning" and "phenomenal."

She describes the Droid camera as "crap." I agree with that.
Crap? Now that's a compliment.
This my first smart phone. Every other phone I've ever had was whatever free pos they were giving away. My last phone had a camera. It was the same quality as the droid camera.
We were on vacation and the video camera was great to take 60 second panoramic views.

What the video camera is great for is creating MMS videos of up to 30 seconds. I have two small kids and use these to send messages to family. The videos are grainy, but that is due to the size required for this video setting.
I don't think it takes that bad of pictures. It's just OK. My problem is how long it takes for the camera to actually open, I usually miss most of the shots I want to take by the time it opens. And then how long it takes to actually take the picture. Awful. I have missed some great shots when I haven't had my camera with me. I have found no app that helps either. IMHO we really do need a software update to improve some of this. It is frustrating.
The video's it takes are fantastic. I took one at my son's soccer game and it looked like it was professional.

The camera pictures are also good and I feel the biggest drawback is that when you try to take the pic there is such a delay that the people can have moved to another room.

There are some third party softwares out there to fix it but I think 2.1 will fix the issue so I'm just being patient.
The pictures suck once you view them on a PC. On a tiny little phone screen they look ok. Once you view them in actual resolution, you see TONS of artifacts that any person with a pair of eyes can see. The pictures aren't nearly as good as even my Blackberry Curve... the first version. I took pictures with good indoor lighting of a whiteboard and paper with writing on it. Every one looked washed out, text was faint... it looked horrible on a regular PC. The best pictures it takes are outdoors in full light and, even then, you'll see very bad artifacts and dithering like a poor JPEG.

The bottom line is this - I cant be sure whether it's the camera itself that is miserable or the software saving JPEGS which is so awful. The 5X software doesn't do anything for the camera images and I don't feel like blowing money on Vignette which can't use the full resolution of the camera. Right now the camera on the Droid is virtually useless for anything more than viewing on the phone.
I gotta agree with everyone here. Even though the 5 megapixel with LED flash camera was not the main decision for me to buy the Droid, but the thought of having a 5MP with "dual LED flash" sounded great....IT SUCKS! Even outdoor daylight pictures are not as good as my previous phone, also a berry curve 8330. That phone took great pictures for a 2MP. Oh well, every phone has its flaws!
+1 to this b**ch session, lol. The one great disappointment on this phone is the shutter lag and absolute uselessness of the camera in even semi low light situations. I am anxiously awaiting a fix for either of these problems.
the camera works fine for me. But if anything is moving or its a low light condition then thats where you start to see some horrible pictures.



those are just some of the pics ive taken with my camera, granted they were in good lighting conditions they turned out great. You can see though below the bumper of the car where there is less light it starts to get grainy.
My biggest complaint is with the videos. Sometimes the audio lag is SO bad it's laughable. In the self-vids (that I usually take), I'm done talking visually, but the sound is still trying to catch up. I get kidded by my friends who still have NV2's and make wonderful videos. They make fun of my "fancy high-tech phone". Grrrrrrr. :mad:
Eh, except for the low light situation, the camera for me takes good pics for the most part. Always remember to clean the lens though or the pics can come out hazy.

The video is very impressive for what it is. People are often blown away by the quality. There's a video on youtube comparing the Droid's video to that of a standalone digital camera and the Droid's actually looked better in some instances.