iphone4 with motorola droid


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Jan 11, 2011
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My name is E2K. I am a student living in Holland. Here is my story.
my first smartphone ever was an iphone, then iphone 3g. after 1.5 year, i traded it for an htc hero because of all reviews claiming it superior to the 3g or even 3gs. Boy was i wrong! everything, from calendar bugs to no gl-accelerated interface, to apps being garbage, everything about the hero sucked.
It was supposed to have flash but it only supported youtube slideshows, if you catch my drift :reddroid:

so yeah, i was able to trade it back, but only after 6 months. then the iphone 4 came out. it was (and to me still is) the best phone ever created. afaik no phone comes close to the interface, video bitrate, low light performance, screen resolution, size, weight, anything.

BUT! I always loved the motorola droid. How it looked, the materials, the fact that it has the real android instead of htc sense slowing it down.
So i was very happy to read an ad on a Dutch ebay-type site, having an USA Verizon Droid on offer for 40 euro's! The price was so low because the user got it through ebay, not realizing the incompatible CDMA-antenna and not able to figure out how to skip past the 'connect to verizon'-phase, and he thought that the phone could only be used for parts.
I got it yesterday, and it is in perfect condiction, no scratches on the screen, nothing.

So now i am back to android, using it as a hobby and not a mission critical device. I feel i can learn more about the current state of android OS and such.
Also test some claims made by irl android loving friends (android full mkv support, full flash support, real copy-paste, etc) I am really looking forward to all of this!