Initial sync with gmail deleted contacts


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Mar 8, 2010
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I bought a Droid on the spur of the moment a few days ago. The non-Verizon store set it up for me. All I did was sign into gmail on their computer so they could sync it. When I got home and signed on gmail ALL my email addresses in the remaining contacts were gone as well as any contacts that were not on my previous phone that had been transferred to the Droid. The store phone number they called to verify things worked ended up as a fax number in one of the remaining contacts. Very strange.

I had not previously exported my gmail contacts. It never occurred to me that I should even tho I regularly back up my PC. Costly error.

After two days of trying to figure this out, including contact with a Google employee on a local forum, I gave up and returned the Droid. The sales guy said that losing email contacts could not happen but then admitted he had never done a full Droid activation.

I have spent hours recreating my gmail contact list and export often. Now I wonder if I acted hastily in returning it. Could my full contact information with email addresses have be out there someplace? Probably not now as I have added and modified over a hundred contacts.

This may well be a duplicate question or worse. I did search under various terms but did not find the answer for this problem with an initial sync.

I don't want the Droid and gmail to necessarily be in sync. My phone contacts and gmail contacts overlap but are not identical.

I liked the Droid and may get another if the sync can be bypassed.

Thanks for any assistance.
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hi moto :welcome: to the forum. i'm sorry to hear you had that problem but i'm more sorry that you got an incompent answer through verizon. he should have directed you to someone that does do that sort of thing. from what i understand when your contacts are transferred onto your new phone...a file of some sort is stored as well so it's just about impossible to lose them completely. maybe this :bump: will draw more help from someone that's more familiar with it. it's a great phone and i hate to see someone return it over something so easily remedied.