one gmail contact wont sync


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Dec 9, 2009
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i just noticed it but it seems that one contact from my gmail will not sync to my motorola droid.

heres what i have tried and results:

1. add contact manually in phone - saved but contact is invisible in the contact menu

2. change name and add - same result as above

3. check gmail - had duplicate "Pat"s in gmail contacts from when i added them in my phone manually plus the real pat that seems to have never synced/is invisible in phone.

4. export list to sd card and re-import - contacts list does not change. suggests that the real "Pat" is not in my contacts list at all

so my end result is i have 84 contacts in gmail, with 83 in my phone and my phone missing my friend "Pat" any help please :)

EDIT: seconds after posting i figured it out. i have another contact named "Patty" who had two mobile numbers including Pat's so the phone basically merged them for no reason.

solution: added "Pat" under the name "George" and then edited him to "Pat" and BAM i have a "Pat" and a "Patty" *whew*
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