Gmail Contacts with same last name merging


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Nov 12, 2009
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Anyone else having this problem? If I have several contacts with the same last name and the contact sync is merging all of the contact info into one on my Droid. The contacts remain separate on Gmail though.

Please help!
I had the problem where I had two contacts, father and son (let's call them Richard Smith and Rick Smith). Online in my gmail contacts they were separate, but on my Droid they were combined into one contact.

The Droid allowed me to split the contacts. Go into the contact and open the menu. I don't remember exactly where the option is since I've already done it, but there's some option in there to split the contacts into individual entries. Choose that and it'll split them back into individual contact entries.

You have to go into "edit contact" and then you have the option to separate or join the contact with another contact.
i have the same issue but i dont seem to have an option anywhere to split or join the contact either. Please help.
I still can't locate a split/join contact?!? When I go into edit I only see "done" or "revert" And I can't seem to see any difference when I choose revert?