Contacts not syncing FROM the phone to Gmail


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Mar 5, 2010
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I've searched on the net and a lot of people seem to have had something similar but I did not find a solution.

Let me explain my situation.

1. I return a defective Droid and get a new one.
2. Sim and SD cards are swapped into the new phone, etc.
3. I enter my Gmail user/pass on the new one and my contacts sync that I entered on the previous phone sync with the new phone.

Here's where it gets wierd:
- I can add a contact from my Gmail and it will go onto my phone
- If I add a contact from the Droid, it will not appear anywhere on the phone nor does it appear in my Gmail contacts on my PC

After messing around a bit in the Contacts, I did:
Menu > Display Options > Clicked on my Gmail account
From there I can check stuff like "System Group: My Contacts", "Friends", "Family", etc.. and there's a check box with absolutly no writing on the left of it, it's just black. If I check that, the contacts I previously entered appear on the phone...

It's like a non-existing group and it's really bugging me.

All I need to know is how to set up the Droid so it adds new contacts into the "My contacts" group and I should be fine, but this bug is still very wierd.

Thanks for helping me out.

(yes, Background data and Auto-sync are on)
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