Im the luckiest dude in the world!! OR AM I??

Your 30 days starts from the day you got your first phone and they will work with you on the restocking fee if you talk to CS..
How do i check the status of my phone??? OF where it is at right nw and when i will get it
Once you receive the DI, trust me, you will be hard pressed in returning it, it is one fantastic:icon_ banana: smart phone. The INC is not discontinued, they just have been having trouble getting those AMOLED screens from those communist:icon_evil: Sammy people.
I think within 30days you could return it. As stated CS is helpful too.

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I would not believe the DI is discontinued just from what you read on a forum. I doubt they would be actively advertising a phone with commercials if it was going to be discontinued. Plus the demand for the phone is very high!!! I have the Di and love it!! The Droid X is just way to big in my opinion!.Keep the Di you will not be sorry!