just purchased Droid X accessories!!


Nov 6, 2009
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i just called Verizon customer care and asked him if he had any of the accessories available for purchase and he said he had to check. he checked and low and behold he found him and was able to let me order them. The rep had to ask his supervisor first if it was ok to go ahead with the order and being that the supervisor was not available the rep called me back 2 hrs later to let me know that it was ok to proceed with the order. I purchased the shell/holster combo, HDMI station/charging dock and Car mount all for $95 after my 25% discount and tax. He said that he wasn't sure if FedEx was shipping on Monday and that I would receive them by Thursday. I will follow up then to prove my purchase.
My store is supposed to get them on the 12th. We will actully have stuff to sell on luanch day this time.....sweet.
I'll see if I can't get a different sales rep later who doesn't really know anything about when the X is being released.
Likely same deal for the initial poster, but a more entrepreneurial dealer who will score bigtime around the initial hype. The rest of us get penny cases off ebay.
Wish I had known

Boy, some guys have all the luck :icon_eek:

Wish I had seen this post before I called them earlier today. Hey, who knows, I may just try back again tomorrow.