ICS for DX2 Possiblity from Motorola


Jan 31, 2011
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I did not write this or recieve the phone call.
Just thought it could be some good news! Keeping my fingers crossed.
Now if I could just get my eyes from crossing too, I would be in good shape.:blink:
Hopefully its ok to post this here. If am wrong, Im wrong. Sorry

Phone call from Motorola about ICS for X2 and unlocked bootloader

02-22-2012 11:51 AM
Today, I received a call from a Motorola representative concerning my support issue regarding ICS for the X2 and the unlocking of the bootloaders for Motorola phones. The individual was very courteous and nice, so that was a plus. Now for the information so take this anyway you want. I myself am a little skeptical, but at least I got more information from them than what we've gotten in the past.
For ICS, they are currently testing the X2 for issues and bugs. The evaluation is not just talking it over on whether it's worthy of ICS or not, but they have developers working on compiling, debugging and testing to ensure they get the ICS upgrade to work along with their applications. Unless they run into major issues, there should be an ICS upgrade some day. Just not sure when. Also, he ensured me they are not dropping support for the X2.
As for the unlocked bootloaders, they are currently in talks/negotiations with the carriers and this is what is taking so long. They are also investigating how to implement it so as to help protect the users from security issues, including data security (PI, etc).
The Motorola representative apologized for not getting back to me with this information sooner, but he wanted me to be assured that Motorola DOES take its customer's complaints/issues seriously. I did explain to him how ASUS and HTC have already unlocked their bootloaders, and he said he understands, but Motorola takes security very seriously, especially when it comes to its customers.
In many ways, I can understand where he's coming from. Now, whether this is a canned response or not, who's to say. As he was speaking to me, it did not sound like he was reading from a script. I at least appreciate the phone call. That was much better than an email back so that I could actually converse with the person who was very polite and helpful.
Now, I guess the only thing we can do is wait and see what happens. He stated also that the ICS update page WILL be updated once they have made a decision on whether ICS will come to the X2 or not. Until then, it will stay the way it is, which could be months as they are still compiling, testing and debugging.
I did ask him if they were actually trying to compile it on the X2 and he said "yes", so unless he's feeding me a line of malarkey (and I believe he was sincere), then this is a good sign.
So, at this point, I'm going to sit back and see what happens.

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