Old woman needs X2 help QUICK


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Jun 13, 2014
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I just purchased a used Motorola Droid X2 (Verizon) off eBay. It is a CDMA, has no sim card, and is 3G, so meets all the requirements to replace my Tracfone LG840G. However, when I try to get my account moved to the X2 the Tracfone people have had me on the phone for over 2 hours…. GRRRRRRR First guy said my credit card was being declined (when I could see right on my screen it went through twice) so I had to call my bank. Second guy is now saying the MEID number won't register????? Then he said something about is it unlocked. HUH??? How do I know if it's locked and if it is how do I unlock it? I'm seriously frustrated here. And talk to me like I've got an IQ of 10 please?????????
What is an ESN?
ESN = Electronic Serial Number

All devices have an ESN that is unique to that device.

When you bought this phone off ebay, did the seller state whether it had a clean or bad ESN? They may not be activating the phone for you because it may have a bad ESN, meaning it was reported as stolen or lost at one point and therefore has been blacklisted.

Though I have to admit I'm not familiar with Tracphone or their policies.
Straight from the eBay page….. Manufacturer refurbished “Item will show signs of wear. CLEAN ESN ready for activation!”
Please correct me if I am wrong but I thought the Droid X2 was a Verizon network exclusive phone? Will it even work on the Tracphone network?

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Yes, it is listed as one of the phones that will work with tracfone. I have one of two problems apparently…
Either the customer service guy screwed something up OR the phone is "locked"….. what is locked? How do I tell if it is? and if it is, how do I unlock it?
Straight from the eBay page….. Manufacturer refurbished “Item will show signs of wear. CLEAN ESN ready for activation!”
Did it say the device is unlocked?

Having an unlocked phone allows the phone to be used on other networks that use the same radios. In your case, CDMA networks. If it's allowed on Tracphone network then I don't see why they're having such a difficult time activating the phone for you. Is there a store you can visit to get in person help?
Sounds like your phone is indeed locked and can only be used on Verizon until you have it unlocked. Ask you carrier if they have the ability to unlock it for you.
Also keep in mind, Verizon reserves the right to charge you to unlock the device.
Correct me if I'm wrong but, I see several ads on Craigslist offering to "flash" cdma phones to work with cricket and other prepaid providers.
Would this be the issue here? When I here "unlock" I think of gsm phones....

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Thanks to all who tried to help. In the future, if another old woman has the exact same question…… Here are the steps…(tongue in cheek)..#1 take some valium or equivalent every day before you call Tracfone #2 Spend 7 hours on the phone (spread over 3 days) with 1 tracfone customer service rep and 4 "managers" #3 Call Motorola and talk to the Droid X2 technician to find out why/how to get the dial pad to come up, so you can dial the code Tracfone gave you to complete activation #5 Find a Verizon store to take the phone to, so your will-be hero can show how to get to the screen everyone else apparently didn't know existed, which is where the phone icon was hiding. #6 She is now the happy user (kinda) of her Droid X2 on Tracfone!!!!

BUT …. for real… if someone else has my same problem… the set-up/menu button will not take you to menu until the phone is at least registered. This was from the Verizon customer service rep. on day two. After that point, if they say to enter a code and there is no phone icon on the screen…. touch and drag the lock icon to the right and another "home" screen will come up with the phone icon and some others on it. And now I'm going to take some more migraine meds and go to bed. Thanks to all of you for trying to help.
Glad you eventually got it figured out & working!